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Vulva Types - Understanding the Different Clitoris, Vagina and Labia Shapes For Great Orgasms

Before we see a real woman's body for the first time, many guys can get a very unrealistic idea of what female genitals look like. Consider most males first exposures to sex and inevitably they are either from the scientific texts that our well-meaning parents showed us that contained baffling drawings of intimate parts, or from the idealized airbrushed photos from adult magazines.

The problem with this kind of education is that many of us believe that these are accurate images that represent every female body type that we will ever encounter. We almost expect her body to have the smooth, perfect flesh that we see in these images. Then suddenly there is the day when you first see a woman naked and suddenly everything looks so different that you barely know where to begin. Sound familiar? Anyway to celebrate this diversity, we will look at the many different vagina types, labia types and even clitoris types and what they mean for you and her.

Stove Hoods

What Does This Mean for Guys

Vulva Types - Understanding the Different Clitoris, Vagina and Labia Shapes For Great Orgasms

There are many reasons guys should care. The major one is that the difference in morphology between difference women can lead to huge advantages or disadvantages when it comes to giving her an orgasm. Therefore knowing as much about the difference vagina types as possible can help you easily work out what type your woman has. The second reason is that women can often feel very insecure about their vagina. I never realized how common it was until I asked some women. It can get so extreme that women may even forbid their lovers from giving them oral sex or fingering because they feel secretly ashamed about their genitals not being as pretty as others.

Physical Differences

The biggest morphological difference that makes a difference to their partners is the exposure of the clitoris. Some women have a clitoris (Also called a clitoral gland. I.e. The part you stimulate) that pokes out quite far from the clitoral hood (The triangle of flesh right above the clitoral glans). A more exposed clitoris is easier to stimulate and so it makes the guy's foreplay significantly easier. The only problem is that it may be overly sensitive, so it is best to use more lubricant than you would usually use. Conversely the clitoris may sometimes be concealed by the clitoral hood. When this happens you may find it easier to open her legs wider during foreplay or grind your hips against her. In extreme cases, a sex toy will help as these can vibrate even through the clitoral hood. If she find that nothing helps you may want to suggest a clitoral pump to her. This device creates pressure that enlarges the clitoris.

Many women often have an inner labia that is longer than the outer labia. These creates the flower-shaped look that spawned centuries of awful poetry! This should not have any major effect on oral sex, but it can cause problems during fingering as it is easy to accidentally push the labia minor (The 'internal' labia) inside the vagina and this will probably cause her some discomfort.

The Effects of Psychological Differences

Once I asked some women about this issue, I was amazed at how many did not like the shape of their vulva. After that I quickly realized that a lot of what I thought was modesty on the woman's part was actually her nervousness about the way her genitals looked. Since then I have made sure to tell them how beautiful every part of their body is.

Many women have a different coloration to their genitals. In fact the pink-colored vulva is comparatively rare compared to other kinds. Even Caucasian women experience a wide range of coloration with darker areas particularly around the perineum and sometimes the labia too. Different races obviously have differences too.

Therefore it is your job to ensure that she is comfortable with her body. When she is convinced that you find all of her a turn-on then you are most of the way there to having mind-blowing orgasms together.

Vulva Types - Understanding the Different Clitoris, Vagina and Labia Shapes For Great Orgasms

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